The Oscars & Emmmy’s — “THIS IS SICK !

By Jasmine Beaupre, author

The Oscars & Emmy’s, these ridiculous, pampered showcasings of what is NOT important in real life that happens every year, and every year it makes me sick ! ESPECIALLY since our young boys and girls have been deployed over to the the middle east to defend the United States, for all these many years.

If anyone DESERVES praise it’s the U.S. troops fighting in the middle east, NOT the pampered liars, oops! actors in hollywood.

I’m sick and tired of all the hoopla surrounding these entertainer people who make millions of dollars PRETENDING to be something they’re not – I’d rather see a million dollars go towards a yearly salary for a policeman, firefighter, emergency medical tech, sanitation employee, Etc . . . (I’d list doctors but they’re already pocketing millions), heck, even the dog catcher deserves a million bucks for what he does as opposed to the liars, opps! actors in hollyweird.

I’ll tell you one thing, I’d much rather pay a million bucks to the “REAL” people who will be there with the actual knowledge to save lives and NOT the PRETEND people in Hollyweird.

I think I make a lot of sense, and of coarse this is my own opinion.

But before anybody contributes to the mindless watching of the oscars or emmys, think about this: Who do YOU think will come to your aide after you’ve been shot in the back and bleeding, or trapped in a house fire with your children, or when your garbage is piling up for a few months down main street, or when you find a rabid dog in your backyard, or fight to the death to defend your rights under the U.S. Constitution ?

It won’t be any of the liars, oops! actors that will be coming to your aide, it will be the “REAL” people, the ones who really DESERVE the praise and millions for their contributions.

Jasmine Beaupre, author

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